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In this rapidly changing and increasingly competitive legal environment, law firms are adding partners who bring to the firm complementary and new practices. The decision to add partners to your firm is often a difficult one. Obviously, building your firm at the top, at the partner level, carries risks that must be carefully evaluated. Diligence must be taken in selecting who will be your new partners.

Firm Advice knows that law firms are not fungible. Each has its own "personality." This personality is a combination of the individuals who comprise the firm and the firm's clients. Differences exist in terms of firm structure, organization, management, and overall atmosphere. In fact, the requirements of different offices, and indeed different practice groups within firms, may have their own unique needs.

We work with our clients to identify individual partners, practice groups, and entire firms that are appropriate for their needs. But we don't abandon our clients once the placement is complete. We continue to work with them to integrate their acquisitions. 

Our clients' success is our success.


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