Cold and Flu Season

As cold and flu season picks up, it is not unusual for our candidates to let us know that they aren’t feeling well. While we understand the desire to push through an interview despite not feeling our best, we always recommend postponing the virtual interview if you cannot give 100 percent (and of course, if in-person you should not attend as you could be contagious). If the interview is virtual and you feel you can still give close to 100 percent and most importantly you want to proceed with the interview, then we are here to support your decisions! However, you only get one shot at a first impression. Your well-being should come first, and employers are more than willing to postpone interviews when you’re under the weather. So please do not feel pushed to interview when you cannot give close to 100 percent! If you are pushed, or even encouraged, to move forward with the interview when you are not up for it, then either that recruiter or the opportunity may not be the right fit for you! Have you ever been pushed to interview when it was against your best interest? I would love to hear how you handled it. Firm Advice #legalcareer #interview #careeradvice

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