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We guide our clients in assessing the level of skill and experience necessary for their contract attorney needs.

Benefit From Our Extensive Database of Attorneys

Corporations and law firms have increasingly embraced the utilization of contract or temporary attorneys since the inception of this concept in the 1970s. The growing demand for contract attorneys has coincided with a rise in the availability of highly skilled professionals.

Firm Advice boasts an extensive database comprising thousands of attorney resumes sourced through various channels. These attorneys actively seek contract work for diverse reasons. Our pool of contract attorneys encompasses recent graduates embarking on their legal careers, seasoned professionals seeking lifestyle changes from traditional legal practice, individuals reentering the workforce, those between jobs, and retirees.

Leveraging our extensive experience in the legal and placement industry, we possess the expertise to match the skills and experience of these attorneys with the unique requirements of our clients. Prior to submitting resumes for consideration, we conduct meticulous screenings and comprehensive in-person interviews to ensure the qualification of applicants. In addition to verifying public information such as educational background, bar admissions, and provided references, our wide-ranging connections within the legal market, both in-house and at law firms, grant us access to valuable insights that are not readily accessible to others.

We guide our clients in assessing the level of skill and experience necessary for their contract attorney needs. We aid in evaluating the specific type and level of experience required, determine whether the position should be full-time or part-time, establish the desired start date for the contract attorney, and ascertain the duration of their services. Through consultations with our clients, we curate a selection of attorney candidates’ resumes. Clients have the option to conduct phone or in-person interviews with any or all of the candidates. Some clients, particularly those who have worked with us before or who require attorneys for basic legal work, take advantage of the temporary nature of the arrangement by engaging the attorney without a formal interview.

Reasons for using contract attorneys:

There are various reasons why organizations choose to utilize contract attorneys. Whether it’s a law firm, corporation, or association, all organizations can benefit from the flexibility and advantages offered by contract attorneys. According to a 2002 Staffing Industry Report, the use of contract attorneys has seen a significant 650% growth between 1992 and 2005.

One primary advantage of contract attorneys is their cost-effectiveness. Hourly rates for contract attorneys are typically lower compared to the salaries of permanently employed attorneys. At Firm Advice, the rates for our contract attorneys are less than one-third of the rates charged by equivalent attorneys in law firms. Moreover, the burden of providing costly benefits, which often exceed 40% of an employee’s salary, can be eliminated by utilizing contract attorneys. This makes contract attorneys a highly affordable staffing solution.

Contract attorneys also enable organizations to effectively manage their fluctuating workload and personnel demands. By having the flexibility to engage legal professionals only when necessary, organizations can better align with their budgetary constraints, especially during unpredictable economic cycles. Contract attorneys can be utilized to handle overflow work, cover for employees on leave or vacation, or provide specialized expertise that is not required on a regular basis. Their temporary nature allows organizations to adapt swiftly to changing circumstances without compromising operational efficiency.


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