Direct Placement

At Firm Advice, we understand the significance of each new addition to an organization.

Our Commitment to Finding the Perfect Match

At Firm Advice, we understand the significance of each new addition to an organization, both in terms of accomplishing objectives and maintaining a positive work environment. A wrong hire can disrupt progress and lead to attrition issues. By adding the right attorney, organizations can mitigate the risk of employment disputes that often arise during separations.

We work closely with our clients to comprehend their comprehensive needs beyond legal work, including collaboration with colleagues and clients in their unique environment. Our extensive experience and reputable standing in the legal market allow us to engage high-quality attorneys who may not actively seek other career options. We prioritize professionalism and credibility, ensuring transparency with attorneys regarding available positions and only working with candidates truly suitable for the roles.

After narrowing down potential candidates, we provide our clients with resumes of a select few attorneys who best match their requirements. The timeline for identifying the hired attorney varies, ranging from expedited matches within a week to longer periods for specialized practice areas with specific criteria. Our commitment to finding the perfect match is comparable to retained searches, yet we exclusively operate on a contingency basis. If we fail to identify the right attorney, no fee is charged. This confidence in our ability drives our contingency approach.


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