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Since the Vizcaino v. Microsoft decision, how to maintain the distinction between contract workers and employees has been blurred. Employers have no safe harbor in which to operate to ensure that contingent workers are not reclassified as employees by the courts or the IRS. The tips below may mitigate the facts in favor of a finding that your contract attorney is not reclassified as an employee, should an inquiry ever be made.

Tips for keeping contract attorneys just what they are - contract attorneys:

  • Ensure that the attorney has signed an agreement that she or he is not an employee of the company.
  • Do not treat the contract attorney as an employee.
  • Allow the attorney to work as independently as possible.
  • Allow the contract attorney to accept work from other clients, if possible.
  • Work through the placement agency regarding discipline, termination, and similar matters.

"How Employers Can Make the Most Out of the Current Legal Market"

In the tightest legal market in at least a quarter century, there are modifications employers can make to their hiring protocols to gain an advantage in attracting the talent they need. Firm Advice outlines what employers can do to gain a competitive advantage in the tight labor market.

"Employer Interview Techniques in the Wake of CODIV-19"

Despite the shuttering of most businesses due to COVID-19, many organizations have continued to function with remote work. Attorneys have been particularly capable of working remotely, and hiring of attorneys has continued. Interviewing via video is now the norm, with many employers completely forgoing in-person interviews. This article discusses the steps organizations should take to ensure they hire the best attorney for their opportunity.

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